Sujirkars Group

Sujirkars Group

Our Path of Progress

Sujikars-logo-2016The ‘Sujirkars’ group has its origins in Mangalore an idyllic Coastal town in Dakshin Kannada District of Karnataka. The district has produced many Successful entrepreneurs in the Manufacturing, trading and especially the Banking industry. One might say that practice and development of skills has been practiced here since early times.

In 1929, Sujir Keshav Nayak established a Factory for the manufacture of roofing tiles, popularly known as Magalore Tiles known for his enterprising spirit, he set up the unit under the name and style of Sovereign tile works’ with a capital of 200/- borrowed from friends and relatives. In spite of the heavy adversity faced by the industry, the factory is one of handful of viable units still operating in Magalore.

With growth of the family, it was decided to expand and diversify; and the sector of agricultural inputs was identified as a sunrise field with very few organized players. Hence it was decided to get into this agro-business in the state of kerala and Karnataka.

With large irrigation projects emerging in north karnataka in the 7o’s and 80’s, and the potential forbusiness shooting up, the region was identified as having great potential for growth in the agricultural as having business. In 1983, therefore, a branch was set up in hubballi and it was found that the region had great potential for distribution of household appliancesand white goods as well.

At present the group is operating with five different firms 10 locations I Karnataka.

Encompassing original agro chem Business through companies like UPL, Sumitomo, Dupoint, FMC,Biostadt, ingene Organics, Nagarjuna Fertilizers etc.., the group is also associated with other Companies like Vguard,Whirlpool and in emerging fields like furniture with Zuari Furniture.

The group has very big plans in Retail Sector and is already making its mark through its furniture showroom chain“Ambienz”.

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